Every “funeral” home offers what passes as a “service”.  Our Memorial Ceremony is above and beyond the ordinary.  It is what our clients for nearly two decades have come to expect from us, and for good reason.  We more than satisfy every request with compassion and a reverence rarely seen today.

Have you ever been to the Concierge Desk in a nice hotel in which you are staying to get, say, tickets to a theatrical event or reservations at a hard-to-get restaurant?  It is usually a pleasant experience. Additionally, the hotel concierge can answer most of any and all of your questions about the new adventure you are about to embark upon in the city you are visiting.

Well, our Memorial Ceremony Concierge acts in a very similar way.  We can provide families within three main time frames: Preplanning, impending need and immediate need.  Our purpose is to provide families with information they need to make calm and intelligent decisions in all end-of-life events and enable them to ensure that their wishes and decisions are carried out perfectly.

When there is an impending death of a family member, a Memorial Ceremony Concierge can answer all your questions about what will be happening in the short term, what you can expect and what you will need to do.  Having a knowledgeable, unbiased, and emphatic go-to source is invaluable.

Preplanning is just that, an individual lays out all of their wishes for their Memorial Ceremony.  For example, if they dislike, say, gladiolas and want to make sure that they are nowhere to be seen at their Ceremony, or if they don’t like a certain reading or poem, or if there is certain music that they like then they can put everything they want into our “My Memorial Preferences” guide.

At the time of passing away, our concierge can communicate the wishes of the individual to our Memorial Home and they will be carried out without any question and the expectations are not only met, they’re surpassed.  Every time.

Life is a remarkable thing bestowed upon us all and we must acknowledge the leaving of it, not only with tears but with the sharing of stories and fond memories.

As Tom says, there is no sea too wide or desert too hot that would prevent us from delivering the perfect Ceremony.