Historical photo of 73A Lurline St, Katoomba 1960


The History of TR Brownjohn Memorial Home

Almost 15 years ago Thomas Brownjohn and his now late wife, Fiona, had a dream of opening a funeral home with a “difference”.  Initially that “difference” would be found in part in the unique art deco building that was once a motor dealership.  Secondly, Tom and Fiona offered a compassionate and guiding hand to grieving families allowing them to cope better during this stressful time.

After Fiona passed on quite unexpectantly in 2010, Tom continued the business with a gradual expansion from the Katoomba home by adding homes in Springwood and Lithgow.

More recently, Tom rebranded the business from Brownjohn Family Funerals to TR Brownjohn Memorial Home which reflects the shift in the thinking of contemporary Australian society.  Funerals are generally regarded as an ending to everything.  On the other hand, TR Brownjohn Memorial Home believes that a Memorial Ceremony brings a new beginning to the relationship with the loved one. Further, TR Brownjohn Memorial Home believes that families and friends need to celebrate their loved one’s life and accomplishments.

To us at TR Brownjohn Memorial Home, that is the true importance of a Memorial Ceremony, remembering a life well lived and keeping that life alive through memories, stories, and the saying of their name.  For death can only take away the physical, and life remains forever on the hearts and minds of the loved one with the sharing of stories and memories.  Yes, we have the power to keep our loved ones alive through our memories and our voice, and, that is an awesome power indeed.

As Thomas Brownjohn says, ………it’s time we had a talk.

To set up an appointment, please call Thomas Brownjohn on 02 4782 2613.